All Power to the Story: Pitching Cross Media Projects. A London Book Fair 2012 seminar.

lbfEvery April, the London Book Fair rocks into town providing a massive market place for authors, agents, publishers, booksellers and industry suppliers to do business.

The International Rights Centre is home to literary agents who pack in meetings from dawn until dusk selling world rights for books territories, games, screen and beyond on behalf of their authors.

This year Creative Skillset is hosting a panel including industry experts from film, television, interactive and computer games sectors to discuss the pleasures and pains of pitching stories across different media.

Power to the Story will provide a lively panel discussion on how to show the power of your story when pitching ideas for trans-media products. Panellists will explore what they look for when commissioning cross-platform stories and how to pitch to make an idea stand out. They will share their tips for what works, current trends and their predictions for growth areas in the future.

Chair: Dan Simmons, Head of Film, Creative Skillset
Alexis Kennedy, Chief Narrative Officer & Chairman, Failbetter Games
Alison Norrington, Transmedia Producer & Storyteller, Story Central Digital
Anna Higgs, Commissioning Editor, Film 4.0

The event is on Monday 16 April, 4.00 – 5.00 pm in the International Rights Centre. Entrance to the seminar is free, but you’ll need a ticket for the Book Fair and a pass that gets you into the Rights Centre. If you can’t make it, but want to know what was said, follow #storypower on Twitter for live social media coverage. We hope to see you there!

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